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    Reflections on Ethics, Sport and the Consequences of Professionalisation.Paul Whysall - 2014 - Business Ethics: A European Review 23 (4):416-429.
    This review of ethical implications of the professionalisation of sport argues that conventional sports ethics, which in the spirit of amateurism emphasise concepts of fair play, are increasingly inappropriate in professional sport. The formalist position, that fair play requires playing within the rules, is explored as are notions of playing to the rules, gamesmanship and cheating. It is argued that ethical problems in elite sport increase as a result of external factors including the celebrity of sportspeople, a tarnished image of (...)
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    Ethical Relationships in Retailing: Some Cautionary Tales.Paul Whysall - 1998 - Business Ethics, the Environment and Responsibility 7 (2):103–110.
    Horror stories attached to some recent retailing events concerning Hoover, Ratners and others raise questions about a company’s ethical concern, whether it be part of its marketing strategy or ‘thrust upon it’. If ethics is to have a place in retail strategy that place is better focused around performance at an operational level rather than at the level of promotion or publicity. The author is Professor of Retailing at Nottingham Business School, Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham NG1 4BU, U.K. e‐mail: [email protected]
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    Stakeholder Mismanagement in Retailing: A British Perspective. [REVIEW]Paul Whysall - 2000 - Journal of Business Ethics 23 (1):19 - 28.
    This paper provides three brief cases of retailers who have, through what is interpreted as stakeholder mismanagement, brought major problems to bear upon those companies, and other stakeholder groups. The main cases examined concern a "free flight" promotion run by the Hoover company in the UK in 1992/3, the collapse of the Ratner'sretail jewellery chain, and wage realignments at British Gas in 1994.Synthesising these examples, it is suggested that: (1) All companies are expected to meet ethical norms in dealings with (...)
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    Ethics in Retailing.Paul Whysall - 1995 - Business Ethics, the Environment and Responsibility 4 (3):150–156.
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