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    Hands of Living San Resemble Those in Palaeolithic Stencils, Not Modern Europeans.Jack D. Pettigrew, Adhil Bhagwandin, Muhammad A. Spocter, Leigh-Anne Dell, Joshua Davimes & Paul R. Manger - 2018 - Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa 73 (1):1-7.
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    Evolution of the Neural Basis of Consciousness: A Bird-Mammal Comparison.Ann B. Butler, Paul R. Manger, B. I. B. Lindahl & Peter Århem - 2005 - Bioessays 27 (9):923-936.
    The main objective of this essay is to validate some of the principal, currently competing, mammalian consciousness-brain theories by comparing these theories with data on both cognitive abilities and brain organization in birds. Our argument is that, given that multiple complex cognitive functions are correlated with presumed consciousness in mammals, this correlation holds for birds as well. Thus, the neuroanatomical features of the forebrain common to both birds and mammals may be those that are crucial to the generation of both (...)
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  3. ""Baker, Steve Picturing the Beast: Animals, Identity, and Representation. Urbana: University of Illinois. Barresi, J. And Moore, C." Intentional Relations and Social Understanding." Behavioral and Brain Sciences 19: 107-154. Bekoff, Marc Minding Animals: Awareness, Emotions. And Heart, New York: Oxford University. [REVIEW]Marc Bekoff, Colin Allen, Gordon M. Burghardt, Ann B. Butler, Paul R. Manger & Peter Arhem - 2008 - In Susan J. Armstrong & Richard George Botzler (eds.), The Animal Ethics Reader. Routledge. pp. 143.
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