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    The ECOUTER methodology for stakeholder engagement in translational research.Madeleine J. Murtagh, Joel T. Minion, Andrew Turner, Rebecca C. Wilson, Mwenza Blell, Cynthia Ochieng, Barnaby Murtagh, Stephanie Roberts, Oliver W. Butters & Paul R. Burton - 2017 - BMC Medical Ethics 18 (1):24.
    Because no single person or group holds knowledge about all aspects of research, mechanisms are needed to support knowledge exchange and engagement. Expertise in the research setting necessarily includes scientific and methodological expertise, but also expertise gained through the experience of participating in research and/or being a recipient of research outcomes. Engagement is, by its nature, reciprocal and relational: the process of engaging research participants, patients, citizens and others brings them closer to the research but also brings the research closer (...)
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    Bayesian statistics in medical research: an intuitive alternative to conventional data analysis.Lyle C. Gurrin, Jennifer J. Kurinczuk & Paul R. Burton - 2000 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 6 (2):193-204.
  3.  36
    Using imprecise probabilities to address the questions of inference and decision in randomized clinical trials.Lyle C. Gurrin, Peter D. Sly & Paul R. Burton - 2002 - Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice 8 (2):255-268.
    Randomized controlled clinical trials play an important role in the development of new medical therapies. There is, however, an ethical issue surrounding the use of randomized treatment allocation when the patient is suffering from a life threatening condition and requires immediate treatment. Such patients can only benefit from the treatment they actually receive and not from the alternative therapy, even if it ultimately proves to be superior. We discuss a novel new way to analyse data from such clinical trials based (...)
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