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  5. The educated man.Paul Nash - 1965 - New York,: Wiley. Edited by Andreas M. Kazamias & Henry J. Perkinson.
    The guardian: Plato, by J. J. Champbliss.--The orator: Isocrates, by C. M. Proussis.--The Stoic: Zeno, by J. E. Rexine.--The Christian: Augustine, by P. Kibre.--The Scholastic: Aqkuinas, by J. W. Donohue.--The classical humanist: Erasmus, by F. E. Schacht.--The pansophist: Comenius, by J. K. Clauser.--The gentleman: Locke, by K. D. Benne.--The natural man: Rousseau, by S. E. Ballinger.--The scientific humanist: Huxley, by C. Bibby.--The communal man: Marx, by P. Nyberg.--The reflective man: Dewey, by B. Holmes.--The cultured man: Eliot, by G. H. Bantock.--The (...)
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  7.  16
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