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    Isaac Casaubon’s Observationes_ and His Lost Treatise _De Critica.Paul Botley - forthcoming - Journal of the Warburg and Courtauld Institutes.
    Isaac Casaubon’s treatise De critica was apparently completed, but it was never published, and no manuscript of the work has come to light. Since it appears to have been a substantial work on textual criticism by one of the most eminent and capable scholars of the period, its loss is tantalising. This article uses new manuscript evidence to throw light on its content and purpose. Five pieces of manuscript evidence are presented here. Three of these are documents which Casaubon himself (...)
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    (S.) Fiaschi Athanasii Alexandrini Opuscula. Omnibono Leoniceno interprete. (Edizione nazionale delle traduzioni dei testi greci in età umanistica e rinascimentale 2.) Pp. lxiv + 361, pls. Florence: SISMEL, Edizioni del Galluzzo, 2006. Cased, €65. ISBN: 978-88-8450-190-. [REVIEW]Paul Botley - 2009 - The Classical Review 59 (2):630-.
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    Notes and Documents.Theo Verbeek, Paul Botley, Rob Iliffe & Eric Jacobson - 2007 - Intellectual History Review 17 (1):93-105.