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  1. Kant's Empirical Realism.Paul Abela - 2002 - Oxford University Press.
    Paul Abela presents a powerful, experience-sensitive form of realism about the relation between mind and world, based on an innovative interpretation of Kant. Abela breaks with tradition in taking seriously Kant's claim that his Transcendental Idealism yields a form of empirical realism, and giving a realist analysis of major themes of the Critique of Pure Reason. Abela's blending of Kantian scholarship with contemporary epistemology offers a new way of resolving philosophical debates about realism.
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  2. Is Less Always More? An Argument Against the Natural Ontological Attitude.Paul Abela - 1996 - Philosophical Quarterly 46 (182):72-76.
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    Kant’s Theory of Knowledge: An Analytical Introduction. [REVIEW]Paul Abela - 2005 - International Philosophical Quarterly 45 (4):558-560.
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    Review: Smith & Sullivan (Eds), Transcendental Philosophy and Naturalism[REVIEW]Paul Abela - 2013 - Kantian Review 18 (1):148-154.
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    Putnam’s Internal Realism and Kant’s Empirical Realism: The Case For a Divorce.Paul Abela - 1996 - Idealistic Studies 26 (1):45-56.
    This paper challenges Putnam's claim that his internal realism is a revival of Kant's empirical realism. I agree with Putnam that there are good reasons to revive Kant's rather neglected empirical realist doctrine. However, internal realism is not the way this should be done. At the center of the following discussion lies the important difference between Putman's "real within a scheme" model and Kant's assertion of the independent existence of empirical objects. The strategy for the paper is as follows. I (...)
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  6. Empirical Realism Kant's Contribution to the Realist/Anti-Realist Debate.Paul Abela - 1993
  7. Recensioni/Reviews-Kants Empirical Realism.Paul Abela & O. Meo - 2005 - Epistemologia 28 (1).
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    Joel Smith And Peter Sullivan , Transcendental Philosophy And Naturalism Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011 Pp. 224 Isbn 978-0-19-960855-3 , Us $60.00. [REVIEW]Paul Abela - 2013 - Kantian Review 18 (1):148-154.
    Book Reviews Paul Abela, Kantian Review, FirstView Article.
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  9. The Demands of Systematicity: Rational Judgment and the Structure of Nature.Paul Abela - 2006 - In Graham Bird (ed.), A Companion to Kant. Oxford: Blackwell. pp. 408-422.
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    Kantian Walls and Bridges: Challenging the Integrationist Model of the Relation of Theoretical and Practical Reason.Paul Abela - 2002 - British Journal for the History of Philosophy 10 (4):591-615.