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    Acoustic-phonetic representations in word recognition.David B. Pisoni & Paul A. Luce - 1987 - Cognition 25 (1-2):21-52.
  2. Speech perception.Peter W. Jusczyk & Paul A. Luce - 2002 - In J. Wixted & H. Pashler (eds.), Stevens' Handbook of Experimental Psychology. Wiley.
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    It's good . . . But is it ART?Paul A. Luce, Stephen D. Goldinger & Michael S. Vitevitch - 2000 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 23 (3):336-336.
    We applaud Norris et al.'s critical review of the literature on lexical effects in phoneme decision making, and we sympathize with their attempt to reconcile autonomous models of word recognition with current research. However, we suggest that adaptive resonance theory (ART) may provide a coherent account of the data while preserving limited inhibitory feedback among certain lexical and sublexical representations.
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