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    Scientific knowledge and the aesthetic appreciation of nature.Patricia Matthews - 2002 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 60 (1):37–48.
  2. Kant's sublime: A form of pure aesthetic reflective judgment.Patricia M. Matthews - 1996 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 54 (2):165-180.
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    Aesthetic appreciation of art and nature.Patricia M. Matthews - 2001 - British Journal of Aesthetics 41 (4):395-410.
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    On a Complex Theory of a Simple God: An Investigation in Aquinas' Philosophical Theology. [REVIEW]Patricia Matthews & Scott MacDonald - 1992 - Philosophical Review 101 (4):956.
  5. Aesthetics of the Natural Environment.Patricia Matthews - 2004 - Environmental Values.
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    Kant's Theory of Imagination: Bridging Gaps in Judgement and Experience.Patricia M. Matthews - 1996 - Review of Metaphysics 49 (4):923-925.
    Sarah Gibbons's book is part of a growing literature that sees in Kant's third Critique an attempt to humanize and embody the interests of reason. As her title indicates, Gibbons approaches the problem by providing a theory of imagination that bridges gaps, including those "between concepts and intuitions, thought and sensibility, spontaneity and passivity, subject and object, and, somewhat more indirectly, nature and freedom". These gaps stem from the fact that we are finite discursive knowers that construct part, but not (...)
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    Kant on Taste and Cognition.Patricia Matthews - 1995 - Proceedings of the Eighth International Kant Congress 2:489-497.
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    Feeling and aesthetic judgment: A rejoinder to Tom Huhn.Patricia M. Matthews - 1997 - Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism 55 (1):58-60.
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    Hutcheson on the idea of beauty.Patricia M. Matthews - 1998 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 36 (2):233-259.
    Hutcheson on the I dea of B eauty PATRICIA M. MATTHEWS IN "POPPIES ON THE WHEAT," Helen Jackson compares the farmer's experience of "counting the bread and wine by autumn's gain" to the pleasure she feels on her observation of the same farm: A tropic tide of air with ebb and flow Bathes all the fields of wheat until they glow Like flashing seas of green, which toss and beat Around the vines? Although we may express ourselves less poetically, we (...)
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    Disinterestedness and Kant's Theory of Taste.Patricia M. Matthews - 2001 - In Ralph Schumacher, Rolf-Peter Horstmann & Volker Gerhardt (eds.), Kant Und Die Berliner Aufklärung: Akten des Ix. Internationalen Kant-Kongresses. Bd. I: Hauptvorträge. Bd. Ii: Sektionen I-V. Bd. Iii: Sektionen Vi-X: Bd. Iv: Sektionen Xi-Xiv. Bd. V: Sektionen Xv-Xviii. De Gruyter. pp. 589-595.
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  11. Review of: Brady, Emily, Aesthetics of the Natural Environment. [REVIEW]Patricia Matthews - 2004 - Environmental Values 13:401-403.
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