Vilfredo Pareto [7]V. Pareto [4]
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    Mind and society.Vilfredo Pareto - unknown
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    Manual of Political Economy: A Variorum Translation and Critical Edition.Vilfredo Pareto - 2014 - Oxford University Press UK.
    Vilfredo Pareto's Manual of Political Economy is a 'classic' study in the history of economic thought. It is not only one of the leading works in the Lausanne tradition of economics, which centres on the theory of general equilibrium, it is one of the most important books in the history of neoclassical economics. This 'critical edition' of Pareto's Manual of Political Economy is a very significant work for two main reasons. First, it is the only variorum translation of the 1906 (...)
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    Pages retrouvées.Vilfredo Pareto - 1988 - Genève: Libr. Droz. Edited by Giovanni Busino.
  4. Scritti politici.Vilfredo Pareto - 1974 - [Torino]: Unione tipografico editrice torinese.
    v. 1. Lo sviluppo del capitalismo (1872-1895).--v. 2. Reazione, liberta, fascismo (1896-1923).
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  5. Shakaigaku taikō.Vilfredo Pareto - 1987 - Tōkyō: Aoki Shoten. Edited by Takayoshi Kitagawa, Akira Hirota & Tatsubun Itakura.