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    Codings of separable compact subsets of the first Baire class.Pandelis Dodos - 2006 - Annals of Pure and Applied Logic 142 (1):425-441.
    Let X be a Polish space and a separable compact subset of the first Baire class on X. For every sequence dense in , the descriptive set-theoretic properties of the set are analyzed. It is shown that if is not first countable, then is -complete. This can also happen even if is a pre-metric compactum of degree at most two, in the sense of S. Todorčević. However, if is of degree exactly two, then is always Borel. A deep result of (...)
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    Tree Structures Associated to a Family of Functions.Spiros A. Argyros, Pandelis Dodos & Vassilis Kanellopoulos - 2005 - Journal of Symbolic Logic 70 (3):681 - 695.
    The research presented in this paper was motivated by our aim to study a problem due to J. Bourgain [3]. The problem in question concerns the uniform boundedness of the classical separation rank of the elements of a separable compact set of the first Baire class. In the sequel we shall refer to these sets (separable or non-separable) as Rosenthal compacta and we shall denote by ∝(f) the separation rank of a real-valued functionfinB1(X), withXa Polish space. Notice that in [3], (...)
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