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    Speech and Gesture in Spatial Language and Cognition Among the Yucatec Mayas.Olivier Le Guen - 2011 - Cognitive Science 35 (5):905-938.
    In previous analyses of the influence of language on cognition, speech has been the main channel examined. In studies conducted among Yucatec Mayas, efforts to determine the preferred frame of reference in use in this community have failed to reach an agreement (Bohnemeyer & Stolz, 2006; Levinson, 2003 vs. Le Guen, 2006, 2009). This paper argues for a multimodal analysis of language that encompasses gesture as well as speech, and shows that the preferred frame of reference in Yucatec Maya is (...)
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    Making sense of causal relations. A cross-cultural and cross-linguistic study.Olivier Le Guen, Jana Samland, Thomas Friedrich, Daniel Hanus & Penelope Brown - 2015 - Frontiers in Psychology 6.
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    Cognitive Anthropological Fieldwork.Olivier Le Guen - 2012 - Topics in Cognitive Science 4 (3):445-452.
    In their introduction, Beller et al. point to important issues regarding the problematic interaction of anthropology and cognitive sciences (CS). I address some of these issues in stressing first some limitations of the current state of the fields of anthropology and CS. In the second half of this article, using data from studies I have been conducting among the Yucatec Mayas (Mexico), I present some concrete cases where anthropological and CS methods and approaches are complementary. Finally, I propose some solutions (...)
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    Are Children Sensitive to What They Know?: An Insight from Yucatec Mayan Children.Sunae Kim, Olivier Le Guen, Beate Sodian & Joélle Proust - 2021 - Journal of Cognition and Culture 21 (3-4):226-242.
    Metacognitive abilities are considered as a hallmark of advanced human cognition. Existing empirical studies have exclusively focused on populations from Western and industrialized societies. Little is known about young children’s metacognitive abilities in other societal and cultural contexts. Here we tested 4-year-old Yucatec Mayan by adopting a metacognitive task in which children’s explicit assessment of their own knowledge states about the hidden content of a container and their informing judgments were assessed. Similar to previous studies, we found that Yucatec Mayan (...)
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