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    Competitive Sport's Imitation of War: Imaging the Completeness of Virtue.Norman Fischer - 2002 - Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 29 (1):16-37.
  2. Foundations of Civic Engagement: Rethinking Social and Political Philosophy.Ralph D. Ellis, Norman Fischer & James B. Sauer - 2006 - Upa.
    Foundations of Civic Engagement is a comprehensive survey and reassessment of the entire field of social and political philosophy. Suitable for use as a primary text for courses on political thought, this book explores the basic arguments of the most important historical and contemporary figures—including Ancient Greek, modern and contemporary theories of communitarianism, social contract, feminism, postmodernsim, Marxism, and theories of communicative actions—and offers a thematic critique and integration of these philosophies.
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    Continuity and Change in Marxism.Norman Fischer, N. Georgopoulos & Louis Patsouras (eds.) - 1982 - Humanities Press.
  4. Judith N. Shklar, Political Thought and Political Thinkers Reviewed By.Norman Fischer - 1999 - Philosophy in Review 19 (4):285-286.
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    Fathers and Sons: On Piety and Humanity.Norman Fischer - 2006 - Philosophy in the Contemporary World 13 (2):24-31.
    In the Apology of Socrates, Socrates is accused of corrupting the youth. Socrates accounts for this charge by saying that the young of Athens imitate him in revealing the ignorance of their elders. Philosophy is inherently, it seems, emancipatory, since it does not take any traditional opinion as per se authoritative. In this way, it seems that philosophy is essentially opposed to piety. In this essay, I willsuggest that the last few pages of Euthyphro indicate a conception of piety that (...)
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    Habermas.Norman Fischer - 1985 - Teaching Philosophy 8 (1):70-72.
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    Capital as Power.Norman Fischer - 1985 - Teaching Philosophy 8 (4):364-365.
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    How the Shadow University Attack on First Amendment Defense of Private Speech Paved the Way for the War Party Attack on First Amendment Defense of Public Speech.Norman Arthur Fischer - 2010 - Social Philosophy Today 26:39-51.
    My topic is the parallels between attacks on free speech by the U.S. war party, and attacks on free speech by what Charles Alan Kors and Harvey Silverglate have called “the shadow university”; and the blindness to these parallels of that part of the left and right that is not libertarian on free speech and due process.
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    Lucien Goldmann and Tragic Marxist Ethics.Norman Fischer - 1987 - Philosophy and Social Criticism 12 (4):350-373.
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    Economy and Self: Philosophy and Economics From the Mercantilists to Marx.Norman Fischer - 1979 - Greenwood Press.
    An examination of the relationship between philosophical and economic thought in the nineteenth century, Economy and Self explores how the free enterprise theory of Classical Economy influenced and was in turn influenced by the philosophical notion of alienation common in the writings of the age.
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    Justice and Modern Moral Philosophy.Norman Fischer - 1992 - Radical Philosophy Review of Books 6 (6):5-8.
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    The Concept of Community in Kant's Architectonic.Norman Fischer - 1978 - Man and World 11 (3-4):372-391.
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    Euthyphro’s Choice.Norman J. Fischer - 2014 - Philosophy and Literature 38 (2):479-494.
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