1. Minguo da shi zhe xue bi ji.Ning Yi - 2015 - Beijing Shi: Zhongguo fang zhi chu ban she.
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    Shixue Jingxue yu Sixiang 《史学经学与思想》 (Studies of History and Classics in Chinese Thought)- By Liu Jiahe.Ning Yi & Xianhua Wang - 2009 - Journal of Chinese Philosophy 36 (3):479-483.
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    Historical Identity in the Shangshu.Ning Yi & Xianhua Wang - 2013 - Journal of Chinese Philosophy 40 (1):185-194.
    The Zhoushu 《周書》 section of the Shangshu 《尚書》, reflecting on the dynastic changes from Xia to Shang and from Shang to Zhou, understands “heavenly mandate” as the common element that brings about all changes within a historical continuum. For Zhoushu, it is “heavenly mandate” that makes historical continuity possible. Furthermore, “heavenly mandate” is understood to manifest itself with the hopes of the common people and to be realized by the freewill of the king. Thus historical changes can be accommodated. The (...)
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    Shixue jingxue yu sixiang •føf¢ (studies of history and classics in chinese thought)– by Liu jiahe.Ning Yi & Xianhua Wang - 2009 - Journal of Chinese Philosophy 36 (3):479-483.