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    Controversial Advert Perceptions in SNS Advertising: The Role of Ethical Judgement and Religious Commitment.Selma Kadić-Maglajlić, Maja Arslanagić-Kalajdžić, Milena Micevski, Nina Michaelidou & Ekaterina Nemkova - 2017 - Journal of Business Ethics 141 (2):249-265.
    This study attempts to advance knowledge in the area of controversial advertising by examining the antecedents and consequences of controversial advert perceptions in the context of social media, and particularly social networking sites. Specifically, we explore how ethical judgement and religious commitment shape controversial advert perceptions leading to attitudes towards the advert, brand attitudes and purchase intentions. Our results indicate that when a SNS advert is judged to be ethically acceptable, the level of perceived advert controversy is lower. However, the (...)
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    Does Board Gender Diversity Influence Financial Performance? Evidence from Spain.Nina Michaelidou & Caroline Moraes - 2017 - Journal of Business Ethics 141 (2):337-350.
    In recent years, several countries have enacted guidelines and/or mandatory laws to increase the presence of women on the boards of companies. Through these regulatory interventions, the aim is to eradicate the social and labor grievances that women have traditionally experienced and which has relegated them to smaller-scale jobs. Nevertheless, and despite the advances achieved, the female representation in the boardroom remains far from the desired levels. In this context, it is now necessary to enhance the advantages of board gender (...)
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    Introduction to the Special Thematic Symposium on the Ethics of Controversial Online Advertising.Caroline Moraes & Nina Michaelidou - 2017 - Journal of Business Ethics 141 (2):231-233.
    The field of marketing and consumer ethics has evolved considerably over the past 20 years, yet research on specific areas of advertising ethics remains limited. This limitation persists despite developments in digital technologies, and the impact they have had on advertising practice generally and online advertising more specifically. Online media are becoming increasingly populated by advertising content, as consumers continuously navigate ever-evolving mediascapes. Thus, there is a need to examine the ethical issues associated with the use of controversial advertising online, (...)
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