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    Cord Blood Banking – Bio-Objects on the Borderlands Between Community and Immunity.Rosalind Williams & Nik Brown - 2015 - Life Sciences, Society and Policy 11 (1):1-18.
    Umbilical cord blood has become the focus of intense efforts to collect, screen and bank haematopoietic stem cells in hundreds of repositories around the world. UCB banking has developed through a broad spectrum of overlapping banking practices, sectors and institutional forms. Superficially at least, these sectors have been widely distinguished in bioethical and policy literature between notions of the ‘public’ and the ‘private’, the commons and the market respectively. Our purpose in this paper is to reflect more critically on these (...)
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    Switching Between Science and Culture in Transpecies Transplantation.Mike Michael & Nik Brown - 2001 - Science, Technology, and Human Values 26 (1):3-22.
    This article discusses xenotransplantation and examines the way its scientific promoters have defended their technology against potentially damaging public representations. The authors explore the criteria used to legitimate the selection of the pig as the best species from which to “harvest” transplant tissues in the future. The authors’ analysis shows that scientists and medical practitioners routinely switch between scientific and cultural repertoires. These repertoires enable such actors to exchange expert identities in scientific discourse for public identities in cultural discourse. These (...)
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    From the Representation of Publics to the Performance of 'Lay Political Science'.Mike Michael & Nik Brown - 2000 - Social Epistemology 14 (1):3-19.