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    Vorsprung durch Technik: On Biotechnology, Bioethics, and Its Beneficiaries.Nicky Priaulx - 2011 - Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 20 (2):174-184.
    Bioethics as a distinctive field is undergoing a critical turn. It may be a quiet revolution, but a growing body of scholarship illustrates a perceived need for a rethink of the scope of the field and the approaches and priorities that have carried bioethicists through many heady years of success. Few areas of bioethical practice have been left unexamined, ranging from questions as to the sustainability of the discipline in its current form to the “expertise” of its practitioners; the legitimacy (...)
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    The Troubled Identity of the Bioethicist.Nicky Priaulx - 2013 - Health Care Analysis 21 (1):6-19.
    This paper raises questions about bioethical knowledge and the bioethical ‘expert’ in the context of contestation over methods. Illustrating that from the perspective of the development of bioethics, the lack of unity over methods is highly desirable for the field in bringing together a wealth of perspectives to bear on bioethical problems, that same lack of unity also raises questions as to the expert capacity of the ‘bioethicist’ to speak to contemporary bioethics and represent the field. Focusing in particular on (...)
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    Rethinking Moral Expertise.Nicky Priaulx, Martin Weinel & Anthony Wrigley - 2016 - Health Care Analysis 24 (4):393-406.
    We argue that the way in which the concept of expertise is understood and invoked has prevented progress in the debate as to whether moral philosophers can be said to be ‘moral experts’. We offer an account of expertise that draws on the role of tacit knowledge in order to provide a basis upon which the debate can progress. Our analysis consists of three parts. In the first part we highlight two specific problems in the way that the concept of (...)
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  4. Ethics, Law and Society Vol. V: Ethics of Care, Theorising the Ethical, and Body Politics.Nicky Priaulx & Anthony Wrigley (eds.) - 2013 - Ashgate.
    This volume forms part of a series exploring key issues in ethics, law and society, published in association with the Cardiff Centre for Ethics, Law and Society. The collection is a celebration of the approach and values embraced within previous volumes in the series. The works collectively address new technological, social, and regulatory developments and the fresh ethical dilemmas these pose, but quite critically, also compel an urgent revisiting of social and legal issues that were once the subject of controversy (...)
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    That’s One Heck of an “Unruly Horse” Riding Roughshod overr Autonomy in Wrongful Conception.Nicky Priaulx - 2004 - Feminist Legal Studies 12 (3):317-331.
    The case of Rees v. Darlington Memorial Hospital N.H.S. Trustarises from a lower court backlash against the a prior decision of the British House of Lords in McFarlane v. Tayside Health Board. McFarlane holding that healthy children brought about by negligence in family planning procedures are blessings, and parents should therefore be denied the costs of child maintenance. But, would the House agree with the Court of Appeal in Reesthat the factual variation in that case of a disabled parent with (...)
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