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    Europe's Constitutional Engagement.Neil Walker - 2005 - Ratio Juris 18 (3):387-399.
  2. Human Rights: The Hard Questions.Chris Brown, Neil Walker, Rex Martin, Alison Dundes Renteln, Peter Jones & Ayelet Shachar - 2013 - Cambridge University Press.
    The United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. A burgeoning human rights movement followed, yielding many treaties and new international institutions and shaping the constitutions and laws of many states. Yet human rights continue to be contested politically and legally and there is substantial philosophical and theoretical debate over their foundations and implications. In this volume, distinguished philosophers, political scientists, international lawyers, environmentalists, and anthropologists discuss some of the most difficult questions of human rights (...)
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    Sovereignty in Action.Bas Leijssenaar & Neil Walker (eds.) - 2019 - Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
    Sovereignty in premodern times evoked the dynastic figure of the 'sovereign' or territorial monarch. In modern times, it became a more abstract idea, referring to the power of the state, later of the people or 'the popular sovereign' as articulated and refined through constitutional arrangements. Today these inherited understandings of sovereignty confront various new challenges, including those of globalization, privatization of power, and the rise of sub-state nationalism. An examination of key historical writers and trends from the seventeenth century onwards, (...)
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    The Past and Future of the European Constitution.Neil Walker - 2008 - Oxford University Press UK.
    The 2007 Treaty settlement represents an attempt by national leaders to banish the language of constitutionalism from the EU reform project for a generation. This book argues that the constitutional question cannot and should not disappear so easily. Examining the Union's constitutional past, and the prospects of constitutionalism providing a 'thicker' language of values for the future, the book provides a thorough analysis of the continuing role of constitutional thought in the EU's search for legitimacy as the world's first post-state (...)
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    A Constitutional Reckoning.Neil Walker - 2006 - Constellations 13 (2):140-150.
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    Reconciling MacCormick: Constitutional Pluralism and the Unity of Practical Reason.Neil Walker - 2011 - Ratio Juris 24 (4):369-385.
    This article begins by assessing the ways in which the life and work of Neil MacCormick exemplified a dual commitment to the local and particular—especially through his advocacy of nationalism—and to the international and the universal. It then concentrates on one of the key tensions in his work which reflected that duality, namely the tension between his longstanding endorsement of constitutional pluralism—and so of the separate integrity of different “local” constitutional orders—and his belief in some kind of unity, and so (...)
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    Legal Theory and the European Union: A 25th Anniversary Essay.Neil Walker - 2005 - Oxford Journal of Legal Studies 25 (4):581-601.
  8. Post-National Constitutionalism and the Problem of Translation.Neil Walker - 2003 - Institute for International Law and Justice, New York University School of Law.
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    The Legacy of Europe's Constitutional Moment.Neil Walker - 2004 - Constellations 11 (3):368-392.