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  1. Embedding And Interpolation For Some Paralogics. The Propositional Case.Diderik Batens, Kristof De Clercq & Natasha Kurtonina - 1999 - Reports on Mathematical Logic:29-44.
    We consider the very weak paracomplete and paraconsistent logics that are obtained by a straightforward weakening of Classical Logic, as well as some of their maximal extensions that are a fragment of Classical Logic. We prove that these logics may be faithfully embedded in Classical Logic, and that the interpolation theorem obtains for them.
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    Bisimulations for Temporal Logic.Natasha Kurtonina & Maarten de Rijke - 1997 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 6 (4):403-425.
    We define bisimulations for temporal logic with Since and Until. This new notion is compared to existing notions of bisimulations, and then used to develop the basic model theory of temporal logic with Since and Until. Our results concern both invariance and definability. We conclude with a brief discussion of the wider applicability of our ideas.
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    Categorial Inference and Modal Logic.Natasha Kurtonina - 1998 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 7 (4):399-411.
    This paper establishes a connection between structure sensitive categorial inference and classical modal logic. The embedding theorems for non-associative Lambek Calculus and the whole class of its weak Sahlqvist extensions demonstrate that various resource sensitive regimes can be modelled within the framework of unimodal temporal logic. On the semantic side, this requires decomposition of the ternary accessibility relation to provide its correlation with standard binary Kripke frames and models.
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    Semantic Composition for Partial Proof Trees.Aravind K. Joshi, Seth Kulick & Natasha Kurtonina - 1997 - Linguistics and Philosophy 20 (6):637-667.
    We describe a categorial system based on partial proof trees as the building blocks of the system. The PPTs are obtained byunfolding the arguments of the type that would be associated with a lexicalitem in a simple categorial grammar. The PPTs are the basic types in thesystem and a derivation proceeds by combining PPTs together. We describe theconstruction of the finite set of basic PPTs and the operations forcombining them. PPTS can be viewed as a categorial system incorporating someof the (...)
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    Handbook of Logic and Language, Johan Van Benthem and Alice Ter Meulen, Eds.Natasha Kurtonina - 2000 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 9 (2):263-269.
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    Expressiveness of Concept Expressions in First-Order Description Logics.Natasha Kurtonina & Maarten de Rijke - 1999 - Artificial Intelligence 107 (2):303-333.
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    Talking About Explicit Databases in Categorial Grammar.Natasha Kurtonina - 1995 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 3 (2-3):357-370.