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Nancy Stanlick
University of Central Florida
  1.  22
    The Nature and Value of Supererogatory Actions.Nancy A. Stanlick - 1999 - Journal of Social Philosophy 30 (1):209-222.
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    Understanding Digital Ethics: Cases and Contexts.Jonathan Beever, Rudy McDaniel & Nancy A. Stanlick - 2019 - New York, NY: Routledge. Edited by Rudy McDaniel & Nancy A. Stanlick.
    Given the rapid changes in technology and the growing use of electronic media there is a need for better understanding the ethical and social implications of digital media. The effects of digital media have significant ethical implications which are easy to overlook, given the embeddedness of the digital in our everyday lives. _Understanding Digital Ethics_ offers a philosophically grounded consideration of digital ethics and: Defines and critically evaluates the impact of digital ethics on society Examines ethical concerns and issues, using (...)
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    Asking Good Questions: Case Studies in Ethics and Critical Thinking.Nancy A. Stanlick & Michael J. Strawser - 2015 - Indianapolis: Hackett Publishing Company.
    _Asking Good Questions_ moves beyond a traditional discussion of ethical theory, focusing on how educators can use these important frameworks to facilitate critical thinking about real-life ethical dilemmas. In this way, authors Nancy Stanlick and Michael Strawser offer students a theoretical tool kit for creatively addressing issues that influence their own environments. This text begins with a discussion of key ethical theorists and then guides the reader through a series of original case studies and follow-up activities that facilitate critical thinking, (...)
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    A Hobbesian view of international sovereignty.Nancy A. Stanlick - 2006 - Journal of Social Philosophy 37 (4):552–565.
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    American Philosophy: The Basics.Nancy A. Stanlick - 2012 - New York: Routledge.
    _American Philosophy: The Basics_ introduces the history of American thought from early Calvinists to the New England Transcendentalists and from contract theory to contemporary African American philosophy. The key question it asks is: what it is that makes American Philosophy unique? This lively and compelling book moves through key periods in the development of American thought from the founding fathers to the transcendentalists and pragmatists to contemporary social commentators. Readers are introduced to: Some of the most important thinkers in American (...)
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    Hobbesian friendship: Valuing others for oneself.Nancy A. Stanlick - 2002 - Journal of Social Philosophy 33 (3):345–359.
  7.  24
    Book review: Maria J. Falco. Feminist interpretations of Mary wollstonecraft. University park, pa: The pennsylvania state university press, 1996. [REVIEW]Nancy A. Stanlick - 1997 - Hypatia 12 (1):179-182.
  8.  24
    Feminist Interpretations of Mary Wollstonecraft. By MARIA J. FALCO. University Park, PA: The Pennsylvania State University Press, 1996. [REVIEW]Nancy A. Stanlick - 1997 - Hypatia 12 (1):179-182.