Noam Sagiv [9]N. Sagiv [5]
  1. Synaesthesia: The Prevalence of Atypical Cross-Modal Experiences.J. Simner, C. Mulvenna, N. Sagiv, E. Tsakanikos, S. A. Witherby, C. Fraser, K. Scott & J. Ward - 2006 - Perception 35 (8):1024-33.
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  2. What is the Relationship Between Synaesthesia and Visuo-Spatial Number Forms?Noam Sagiv, Julia Simner, James Collins, Brian Butterworth & Jamie Ward - 2006 - Cognition 101 (1):114-28.
  3. Varieties of Grapheme-Colour Synaesthesia: A New Theory of Phenomenological and Behavioural Differences.Jamie Ward, Ryan Li, Shireen Salih & Noam Sagiv - 2006 - Consciousness and Cognition 16 (4):913-931.
    Recent research has suggested that not all grapheme-colour synaesthetes are alike. One suggestion is that they can be divided, phenomenologically, in terms of whether the colours are experienced in external or internal space. Another suggestion is that they can be divided according to whether it is the perceptual or conceptual attributes of a stimulus that is critical. This study compares the behavioural performance of 7 projector and 7 associator synaesthetes. We demonstrate that this distinction does not map on to behavioural (...)
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  4. Synesthesia and Consciousness.Noam Sagiv & Chris D. Frith - 2013 - In Julia Simner & Edward Hubbard (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia. Oxford University Press. pp. 924--940.
    In this chapter we examine the role of synaesthesia research within the broader context of the science of the mind and in particular the scientific study of consciousness. We argue that synaesthesia could be used as a model problem for the scientific study of consciousness, offering a novel perspective on perception, awareness and even social cognition. We highlight some of the lessons we have learnt from studying synaesthesia and areas in which we see synaesthesia research generating further insights into understanding (...)
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  5. Written at Oxford, UK.L. C. Robertson & N. Sagiv - 2005 - In Robertson, C. L. & N. Sagiv (eds.), Synesthesia: Perspectives From Cognitive Neuroscience. Oxford University Press.
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    The Man Who Mistook His Neuropsychologist for a Popstar: When Configural Processing Fails in Acquired Prosopagnosia.Ashok Jansari, Scott Miller, Laura Pearce, Stephanie Cobb, Noam Sagiv, Adrian L. Williams, Jeremy J. Tree & J. Richard Hanley - 2015 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 9.
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    The Social World Ofgraphemes.Monika Sobczak-Edmans & Noam Sagiv - 2013 - In Julia Simner & Edward Hubbard (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Synesthesia. Oxford University Press. pp. 222.