Nalini Ambady [9]N. Ambady [1]
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    A dynamic interactive theory of person construal.Jonathan B. Freeman & Nalini Ambady - 2011 - Psychological Review 118 (2):247-279.
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    Simulating sensorimotor metaphors: Novel metaphors influence sensory judgments.Michael L. Slepian & Nalini Ambady - 2014 - Cognition 130 (3):309-314.
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    On perceiving facial expressions: the role of culture and context.Nalini Ambady & Max Weisbuch - 2011 - In Andy Calder, Gillian Rhodes, Mark Johnson & Jim Haxby (eds.), Oxford Handbook of Face Perception. Oxford University Press. pp. 479--488.
    Facial expressions have communicative properties that bear some importance to perceivers. Such expressions are informative with respect to the future behavior of the expressing individual and with respect to the conditions of the broader social environment. This article argues that appropriate responses to facial expressions are an important means by which people adapt to their social ecology. The immediate responses to facial expressions depend on contextual factors. It is more important for individuals to adapt to the ingroup than to other (...)
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    Priming a natural or human-made environment directs attention to context-congruent threatening stimuli.Steven G. Young, Christina M. Brown & Nalini Ambady - 2012 - Cognition and Emotion 26 (5):927-933.
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    A memory advantage for untrustworthy faces.Nicholas O. Rule, Michael L. Slepian & Nalini Ambady - 2012 - Cognition 125 (2):207-218.
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    The influence of the fear facial expression on prosocial responding.Abigail A. Marsh & Nalini Ambady - 2007 - Cognition and Emotion 21 (2):225-247.
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    Mental representations of social status.Joan Y. Chiao, Andrew R. Bordeaux & Nalini Ambady - 2004 - Cognition 93 (2):B49-B57.
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  8. The glimpsed world: Unintended communication and unintended perception.Y. Susan Choi, Heathr M. Gray & Nalini Ambady - 2005 - In Ran R. Hassin, James S. Uleman & John A. Bargh (eds.), The New Unconscious. Oxford Series in Social Cognition and Social Neuroscience. Oxford University Press. pp. 309--333.
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    Hemifacial differences in the in‐group advantage in emotion recognition.Hillary Anger Elfenbein, Manas Mandal, Nalini Ambady, Susumu Harizuka & Surender Kumar - 2004 - Cognition and Emotion 18 (5):613-629.
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    Non-conscious routes to building culture: Nonverbal components of socialization.Max Weisbuch & N. Ambady - 2008 - Journal of Consciousness Studies 15 (10-11):159-183.
    Gesture and elaborate forms of nonverbal behaviour have been posited as necessary antecedents to language and shared conceptual understanding. Here we argue that subtle and largely unintentional nonverbal behaviours play a key role in building consensual beliefs within culture. We propose a model that focuses on the subtle and automatic nonverbal transmission of attitudes, beliefs and cultural ideals. Specifically, people extract attitudes and beliefs from nonverbal behaviour-- such extraction is both ubiquitous and efficient. The extracted attitudes and beliefs become individual (...)
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