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    The politics of care.Deva Woodly, Rachel H. Brown, Mara Marin, Shatema Threadcraft, Christopher Paul Harris, Jasmine Syedullah & Miriam Ticktin - 2021 - Contemporary Political Theory 20 (4):890-925.
    Editors Rachel Brown and Deva Woodly bring together Mara Marin, Shatema Threadcraft, Christopher Paul Harris, Jasmine Syedullah, and Miriam Ticktin to examine the question: what would be required for care to be an ethic and political practice that orients people to a new way of living, relating, and governing? The answer they propose is that a 21st-century approach to the politics of care must aim at unmaking racial capitalism, cisheteropatriarchy, the carceral state, and the colonial present. The politics of care (...)
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    How Biology Travels: A Humanitarian Trip.Miriam Ticktin - 2011 - Body and Society 17 (2-3):139-158.
    This article explores how ‘biology’ — in the sense that bodies are increasingly understood in biological terms, from the molecular to the species level — is becoming more central in the recognition of political worth, and I argue that humanitarians are key players in producing this reality. I focus on the role biology plays in the politics of immigration. Combining ethnographic research with undocumented immigrants in Paris and asylum claimants in the US, I examine how biology has become a central (...)
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    In the name of humanity: the government of threat and care.Ilana Feldman & Miriam Ticktin (eds.) - 2010 - Durham [NC]: Duke University Press.
    "In a complex world where competing groups claim to be speaking on behalf of incommensurate versions of 'humanity, ' the authors represented in "In the Name of ...
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  4. Introduction: government and humanity.Ilana Feldman & Miriam Ticktin - 2010 - In Ilana Feldman & Miriam Iris Ticktin (eds.), In the Name of Humanity: The Government of Threat and Care. Duke University Press.
  5. Introduction: Human Rights and Global Corporations.Miriam Ticktin - 2012 - Social Research: An International Quarterly 79 (4):1017-1021.
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