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Michelle Boulous Walker
University of Queensland
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    Slow philosophy: reading against the institution.Michelle Boulous Walker - 2016 - New York: Bloomsbury Academic, an imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing, Plc.
    In an age of internet scrolling and skimming, where concentration and attention are fast becoming endangered skills, it is timely to think about the act of reading and the many forms that it can take. Slow Philosophy: Reading Against the Institution makes the case for thinking about reading in philosophical terms. Boulous Walker argues that philosophy involves the patient work of thought; in this it resembles the work of art, which invites and implores us to take our time and to (...)
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    Driven Back to the Text. [REVIEW]Michelle Boulous Walker - 2003 - American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 77 (1):133-137.
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    Eating Ethically: Emmanuel Levinas and Simone Weil.Michelle Boulous Walker - 2002 - American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 76 (2):295-320.
    Emmanuel Levinas’s work on the ethical responsibility of the face-to-face relation offers an illuminating context or clearing within which we might better appreciate the work of Simone Weil. Levinas’s subjectivity of the hostage, the one who is responsible for the other before being responsible for the self, provides us with a way of re-encountering the categories of gravity and grace invoked in Weil’s original account. In this paper I explore the terrain between these thinkers by raising the question of eating (...)
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    Gender, Class, and Freedom in Modern Political Theory. By NANCY J. HIRSCHMANN.Michelle Boulous Walker - 2010 - Hypatia 25 (2):472-476.
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    An Ethics of Reading: Adorno, Levinas, and Irigaray.Michelle Boulous Walker - 2006 - Philosophy Today 50 (2):223-238.