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Michael Rowan
University of South Australia
  1. de Bono`s I am Right You are Wrong.Michael Rowan - 1992 - Informal Logic 14 (2).
  2. We need to talk about growth - and we need to do the sums as well.Michael Rowan - manuscript
    Questioning economic growth remains a heresy, but the mathematics of compound growth show its indefinite continuation to be impossible. This frames a problem best resolved while we are still able to do so.
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  3. Stove on the rationality of induction and the uniformity thesis.Michael Rowan - 1993 - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 44 (3):561-566.
    Stove attempts to undermine Hume's argument on induction by denying Hume the claim that induction presupposes the uniformity of nature. I argue that Stove's attack on Hume's argument fails. *A paper from which the present piece was derived was read at the Hume Symposium. Flinders Medical Centre, South Australia, in July 1990, where George Couvalis and David Gauthier made helpful criticisms of my argument.
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    Stove on Popper's Scientific Statements.Michael Rowan & Alan Smithson - 1980 - Philosophy 55 (212):258 - 262.
    D. C. Stove's analysis of Popper's theory of scientific statements is vitiated by at least three errors, all of which stem from a crucial omission: that whilst Popper's theory of scientific statements is a theory of statements in science, Stove's restrictive analysis ignores the context of the statements and proceeds as though they were related to each other by nothing more than the logic of propositions, i.e. they appear in Stove's analysis as atomistic, as distinct from scientific statements.
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