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Michael Richard Ayers
Cambridge University (PhD)
  1. Individuals without Sortals.Michael R. Ayers - 1974 - Canadian Journal of Philosophy 4 (1):113 - 148.
    Consideration of the counting and reidentification of particulars leads naturally enough to the orthodox doctrine that, “on pain of indefiniteness,” an identity statement in some way involves or presupposes a general term or “covering concept”: i.e., that the principium individuationis or criterion of identity implied depends upon the kind of thing in question. Thus it is said that an auditor understands the question whether A is the same as B only in so far as he knows, however informally or implicitly, (...)
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  2. Locke versus Aristotle on natural kinds.Michael R. Ayers - 1981 - Journal of Philosophy 78 (5):247-272.
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    The Refutation of Determinism: An Essay in Philosophical Logic.Michael R. Ayers - 1968 - Methuen.
    Cover -- Half Title Page -- Title Page -- Copyright Page -- Original Title Page -- Original Copyright Page -- Contents -- Preface -- 1 Introduction -- 2 Probability And Possibility For Choice -- 1 Introductory -- 2 A Theory About Personal Power -- 3 A Criticism Of Keynes -- 4 Some More Theories About Personal Power -- 5 An Analogy Between Two Kinds Of Possibility -- 3 Probability And Natural Powers -- 1 Introductory -- 2 The Relation Between Epistemic (...)
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    Substance, Reality, and the Great, Dead Philosophers.Michael R. Ayers - 1970 - American Philosophical Quarterly 7 (1):38 - 49.
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  5. Is perceptual content ever conceptual?Michael R. Ayers - 2002 - Philosophical Books 43 (1):5-17.
  6. The Foundations of Knowledge and the Logic of Substance: The Structure of Locke's General Philosophy.Michael R. Ayers - 1998 - In Vere Chappell (ed.), Locke. Oxford University Press.
  7. George Berkeley.Michael R. Ayers & Jaimir Conte - 2011
    Tradução para o português do verbete "George Berkeley, de Michael Ayers, retirado de "A Companion to Epistemology", ed. Jonathan Dancy e Ernest Sosa (Oxford: Blackwell, 1997), pp. 261–264. Criticanarede. ISSN 1749-8457.
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  8. The Foundations of Knowledge and the Logic of Substance: The Structure of Locke's General Philosophy.Michael R. Ayers - 1996 - In G. A. J. Rogers (ed.), Locke's Philosophy: Content and Context. Clarendon Press.
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  9. Berkeley, Ideas, and Idealism.Michael R. Ayers - 2007 - In Stephen H. Daniel (ed.), Reexamining Berkeley's Philosophy.
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    "The End of Metaphysics" and the Historiography of Philosophy.Michael Richard Ayers - 1985 - In A. J. Holland (ed.), Philosophy, Its History and Historiography. Dordrecht, Netherlands: Reidel. pp. 27-40.
    No doubt most philosophers who spend time on the history of philosophy are familiar with that question asked to embarrass (and liable to be asked by scientists in particular) why the history of the subject should be thought a significant part of the subject itself. Either there is progress in philosophy, it is said, or there is not. If there is progress, why the laborious backward glances? How can the past be so important? Why aren’t philosophers like psychologists, given perhaps (...)
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