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    Economic Analysis, Moral Philosophy and Public Policy.Daniel Hausman, Michael McPherson & Debra Satz - 2006 - Cambridge University Press.
    This book shows through argument and numerous policy-related examples how understanding moral philosophy can improve economic analysis, how moral philosophy can benefit from economists' analytical tools, and how economic analysis and moral philosophy together can inform public policy. Part I explores the idea of rationality and its connections to ethics, arguing that when they defend their formal model of rationality, most economists implicitly espouse contestable moral principles. Part II addresses the nature and measurement of welfare, utilitarianism and cost-benefit analysis. Part (...)
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    [Book Review] Economic Analysis and Moral Philosophy. [REVIEW]Daniel M. Hausman & Michael S. McPherson - 1998 - Ethics 109 (1):198-200.
  3. Economic Analysis and Moral Philosophy.Daniel M. Hausman & Michael S. Mcpherson - 2000 - Mind 109 (434):370-373.
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  4. Mill's Moral Theory and the Problem of Preference Change.Michael S. McPherson - 1982 - Ethics 92 (2):252-273.
    A reconsideration of mill's theory of "higher pleasures," construed as a way of evaluating changes in preferences or character that result from changes in social environment. mill's account is criticized and partly reconstructed in light of modern preference theory, but viewed favorably as an illuminating attempt to address a fundamental problem in moral evaluation of social institutions. mill's advocacy of the higher pleasures is defended in particular against the charge that it is incompatible with his commitment to liberty.
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    Crossing the Finish Line: Completing College at America's Public Universities.William G. Bowen, Matthew M. Chingos & Michael S. McPherson - 2011 - Princeton University Press.
    The United States has long been a model for accessible, affordable education, as exemplified by the country's public universities. And yet less than 60 percent of the students entering American universities today are graduating. Why is this happening, and what can be done? Crossing the Finish Line provides the most detailed exploration ever of college completion at America's public universities. This groundbreaking book sheds light on such serious issues as dropout rates linked to race, gender, and socioeconomic status. Probing graduation (...)
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    Review: Efficiency and Liberty in the Productive Enterprise: Recent Work in the Economics of Work Organization. [REVIEW]Michael McPherson - 1983 - Philosophy and Public Affairs 12 (4):354 - 368.
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    Standards.Daniel M. Hausman & Michael S. McPherson - 1988 - Economics and Philosophy 4 (1):1.
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    The Aims of Higher Education: Problems of Morality and Justice.Harry Brighouse & Michael McPherson (eds.) - 2015 - University of Chicago Press.
    This book features a group of top-notch philosophers tackling some of the biggest questions in higher education: What role should the liberal arts have in a college education? Should colleges orient themselves to the educational demands of the business sector? What is the role of highly selective colleges in the public sphere? To what extent should they be subsidized directly, or indirectly, by the public? Should they simply teach students skills and academic knowledge, or should they play a role in (...)
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  9. Donaldson, Thomas, "Corporations and Morality". [REVIEW]Michael S. Mcpherson - 1982 - Ethics 93:441.
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    Received by 1 November 1985.Daniel M. Hausman, Michael S. McPherson, James Luther Adams, Wilhelm Pauck, Roger-Lincoln Shinn, Julia Annas, Jonathan Barnes, Richard J. Bernstein, Paul Canick & Ronald Christenson - 1986 - Teaching Philosophy 9 (1).
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    Book Review. [REVIEW]Joseph Jacoby, Alan Ritter & Michael S. McPherson - 1983 - Law and Philosophy 2 (1):119-136.
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    A "Mixed"-Property Regime: Equality and Liberty in a Market Economy.Richard Krouse & Michael McPherson - 1986 - Ethics 97 (1):119-138.