1.  92
    Philosophy of and as Interdisciplinarity.Michael Hg Hoffmann, Jan C. Schmidt & Nancy J. Nersessian - 2013 - Synthese 190 (11):1857-1864.
  2.  19
    Cognitive Conditions of Diagrammatic Reasoning.Michael Hg Hoffmann - 2011 - Semiotica 2011 (186):189-212.
    In the first part of this paper, I delineate Peirce's general concept of diagrammatic reasoning from other usages of the term that focus either on diagrammatic systems as developed in logic and AI or on reasoning with mental models. The main function of Peirce's form of diagrammatic reasoning is to facilitate individual or social thinking processes in situations that are too complex to be coped with exclusively by internal cognitive means. I provide a diagrammatic definition of diagrammatic reasoning that emphasizes (...)
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    Limits of Truth: Exploring Epistemological Approaches to Argumentation.Michael Hg Hoffmann - 2005 - Informal Logic 25 (3):245-260.
    Some proponents of epistemological approaches to argumentation assume that it should be possible to develop non-relative criteria of argument evaluation. By contrast, this paper argues that any evaluation of an argument depends on the cognitive situation of the evaluator, on background knowledge that is available for this evaluator in a certain situation, and --in some cases--on the belief-value-system this person shares.
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