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Michael Berry [6]Michael D. Berry [1]
  1. Alisa Bokulich * reexamining the quantum-classical relation: Beyond reductionism and pluralism.Michael Berry - 2010 - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 61 (4):889-895.
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    Special Issue on Spin Statistics.Edoardo Milotti, C. Curceanu, Stephen L. Adler & Michael Berry - 2010 - Foundations of Physics 40 (7):681-683.
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    Teacher Training Institutions in England and Wales: A Bibliographical Guide to Their History.Michael Berry - 1973 - British Journal of Educational Studies 21 (3):353-353.
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    Knotted Zeros in the Quantum States of Hydrogen.Michael Berry - 2001 - Foundations of Physics 31 (4):659-667.
    Complex superpositions of degenerate hydrogen wavefunctions for the n th energy level can possess zero lines (phase singularities) in the form of knots and links. A recipe is given for constructing any torus knot. The simplest cases are constructed explicitly: the elementary link, requiring n≥6, and the trefoil knot, requiring n≥7. The knots are threaded by multistranded twisted chains of zeros. Some speculations about knots in general complex quantum energy eigenfunctions are presented.
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    Reexamining the Quantum-Classical Relation: Beyond Reductionism and Pluralism. [REVIEW]Michael Berry - 2010 - British Journal for the Philosophy of Science 61 (4):889-895.
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    Andragogical Epistemology and the Lacanian Discourse of the Hysteric: Learning Through Trauma, Trauma Through Learning.Michael D. Berry - 2008 - Paideusis: Journal of the Canadian Philosophy of Education Society 17 (2):3-16.
    Harm, this paper proposes, is a viable teaching objective. Presenting an andragogy of post secondary liberal arts education, this paper explores the relationship between critical thinking and subjective harm, arguing that subjective harm is an inevitable outcome of critical thinking practice. The author situates this teaching methodology within the discourse theory of psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan, positioning this critical thinking andragogy specifically within the Discourse of the Hysteric, which interrogates the institutionalized epistemology present in universities. Defining critical thinking as a subjective (...)
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