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    The unknown 'knowing man': Parmenides, b1.3.Matthew R. Cosgrove - 2011 - Classical Quarterly 61 (1):28-47.
  2. What are 'True' doxai Worth to Parmenides?Matthew R. Cosgrove - 2014 - Oxford Studies in Ancient Philosophy 46:1-31.
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    The Unknown ‘knowing Man’: Parmenides, B1.3.Matthew R. Cosgrove - 2011 - Classical Quarterly 61 (1):28-47.
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    Thomas Aquinas on Anselm’s Argument.Matthew R. Cosgrove - 1974 - Review of Metaphysics 27 (3):513 - 530.
    Of these discussions the last, from the Summa Theologiae, is the best known and is often taken as representative of Thomas’ response to Anselm. Yet it would seem, on the face of it, unsatisfying as a refutation. Gareth Matthews’ comment expresses a very widely shared reaction: "Instead of showing that Anselm’s argument is invalid, Aquinas seems content to state, without counterargument, that the alleged conclusion does not follow." To many, Thomas’ critique represents no advance beyond Gaunilo in understanding Anselm, but (...)
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    The "KOYROS" [Greek] Motif in Parmenides: B 1.24.Matthew R. Cosgrove - 1974 - Phronesis 19:81.
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    Parmenides and Presocratic Philosophy. [REVIEW]Matthew R. Cosgrove - 2012 - Journal of the History of Philosophy 50 (1):131-132.
    John Palmer, author of Plato’s Reception of Parmenides (Oxford, 1999), here essays a radically new interpretation of Parmenides and his relation to Presocratic predecessors and successors, challenging received Anglo-American views (Heidegger and his epigones are ignored) on numerous fronts. Palmer sees the prevailing narrative in the first two volumes of Guthrie’s History as modified by Owen, Barnes, and Kirk/Raven/Schofield, and means not to revise but to overturn it (although on his own account, especially of recent scholarship on the early thinkers (...)
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