1. Logic and its Application in the Light of Ludwig Wittgenstein's Early Philosophy. Logical Notation and Natural Language.Mateusz Marek Radzki - 2010 - Filozofia Nauki 18 (1):35 - +.
  2. Logika i jej zastosowanie w świetle wczesnej filozofii Ludwiga Wittgensteina. Ideografia logiczna a język naturalny.Mateusz Marek Radzki - 2010 - Filozofia Nauki 18 (1).
    The main aim of this article is to prove that Wittgenstein's early philosophy considers two perspectives: the first one from the view of necessary logic and the second one from the view of contingent application of logic in the natural language. The application of logic is the matter of decisions outside the logical necessity - it is arbitrary and thus it can not be anticipated by logic and can not be considered by logical notation (concept-script). According to Wittgenstein 'logic must (...)
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