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    The Phenomenal Basis of Entities and the Manifestation of Being According to Sections 15–17 of Being and Time: On the Pragmatist Misunderstanding. [REVIEW]Marylou Sena - 1995 - Heidegger Studies 11:11-31.
  2.  62
    Nietzsche's New Grounding of The Metaphysical: Sensuousness and the Subversion of Plato and Platonism.Marylou Sena - 2004 - Research in Phenomenology 34 (1):139-159.
    This essay gives an extensive treatment of Heidegger's confrontation (Auseinander-setzung) with Nietzsche' thought. It argues that Heidegger's confrontation entails situating what Heidegger calls Nietzsche's "transformed" understanding of the sensuous outside the metaphysics of both Plato and Platonism. The essay establishes, by the end of the second section, that Heidegger's confrontation with Nietzsche's thought culminates with the insight that for Nietzsche sensuousness is metaphysical. The third section of the essay takes as its point of departure Heidegger's intimation at the conclusion of (...)
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    Dionysos as Antidote: The Veils of Maya.Marylou Sena - 1994 - Research in Phenomenology 24 (1):189-205.