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    Organization Ethics in Health Care.George J. Agich, Edward M. Spencer, Ann E. Mills, Mary V. Rorty & Patricia H. Werhane - 2000 - Hastings Center Report 30 (6):46.
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    Introduction: Ethics committees and failure to thrive. [REVIEW]Ann E. Mills, Mary V. Rorty & Edward M. Spencer - 2006 - HEC Forum 18 (4):279-286.
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    The Pre-conditions for “Building Capacity” in an Ethics Program.Ann E. Mills & Mary V. Rorty - 2010 - HEC Forum 22 (4):287-297.
    Most organizations and/or their sub-units like ethics programs want to acquire the knowledge, skills and other resources needed to achieve their goals efficiently and effectively. Thus, they want to acquire or develop needed capacity. But there are pre-conditions to building capacity that are often overlooked or forgotten, but which nevertheless, must be in place before capacity can be developed. This essay identifies these pre-conditions and discusses why they are necessary before attempts are made to enhance the capacity of any ethics (...)
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    Total Quality Management and the Silent Patient.Mary V. Rorty - 2002 - Business Ethics Quarterly 12 (4):481-504.
    This essay examines the impact of the imposition of businesses techniques, in particular, those associated with Total QualityManagement, on the relationships of important components of the health care delivery system, including payers, managed care organizations, institutional and individual providers, enrollees, and patients. It examines structural anomalies within the delivery system and concludes that the use of Total Quality Management techniques within the health care system cannot prevent the shift of attention of other components away from the enrollee and the patient, (...)
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  5. Ethics in and for the organization.Mary V. Rorty - 2012 - In D. Micah Hester & Toby Schonfeld (eds.), Guidance for Healthcare Ethics Committees. Cambridge University Press.
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  6. Institutional practices, ethics, and the physician.V. Rorty Mary, E. Mills Ann & H. Werhane Patricia - 2007 - In Rosamond Rhodes, Leslie Francis & Anita Silvers (eds.), The Blackwell Guide to Medical Ethics. Blackwell.
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    Review of Jurgen Habermas, The Future of Human Nature[REVIEW]Mary V. Rorty - 2003 - Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews 2003 (12).
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    Nursing and Genetics: a feminist critique moves us towards transdisciplinary teams.Gwen W. Anderson, Rita Black Monsen & Mary Varney Rorty - 2000 - Nursing Ethics 7 (3):191-204.
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    The Paradoxical Placebo.Mary V. Rorty & Lorry R. Frankel - 2009 - American Journal of Bioethics 9 (12):17-20.
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    A Fine Effort to Square a CircleOrganization Ethics in Health Care.Lisa H. Newton, Edward M. Spencer, Ann E. Mills, Mary V. Rorty & Patricia H. Werhane - 2002 - Business Ethics Quarterly 12 (4):539.
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    Organization Ethics in Healthcare.Patricia H. Werhane & Mary V. Rorty - 2000 - Cambridge Quarterly of Healthcare Ethics 9 (2):145-146.
    Bioethics, clinical ethics, and professional ethics are mature, well-developed fields of applied ethics that focus on medical research, patient autonomy and patient care, patient–healthcare professional relationships, and issues that arise in clinical and other medical settings. However, despite these developments, little attention has been paid to the organizational aspects of healthcare in these fields. This is surprising, because in the last 30 years healthcare has become more and more institutionalized in provider, management, and insurer organizations. Despite JCAHO's preoccupation with organizational (...)
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    The rashomon effect: Organization ethics in health care. [REVIEW]Mary V. Rorty, Patricia H. Werhane & Ann E. Mills - 2004 - HEC Forum 16 (2):75-94.
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    Clinical ethics and the managerial revolution in American healthcare.Ann E. Mills, Mary V. Rorty & Patricia H. Werhane - 2006 - Journal of Clinical Ethics 17 (2):181.
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    Ethics and economics in healthcare: The role of organization ethics. [REVIEW]Mary V. Rorty - 2000 - HEC Forum 12 (1):57-68.
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    Letters to the Editor.Mary Varney Rorty, Zahava K. McKeon & Laurence Thomas - 1988 - Proceedings and Addresses of the American Philosophical Association 61 (3):557 - 559.
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