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  1. Evidential scalar implicatures.Martina Faller - 2012 - Linguistics and Philosophy 35 (4):285-312.
    This paper develops an analysis of a scalar implicature that is induced by the use of reportative evidentials such as the Cuzco Quechua enclitic = si and the German modal sollen. Reportatives, in addition to specifying the speaker’s source of information for a statement as a report by someone else, also usually convey that the speaker does not have direct evidence for the proposition expressed. While this type of implicature can be calculated using the same kind of Gricean reasoning that (...)
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    Formalizing the Dynamics of Information.Martina Faller, Stefan C. Kaufmann, Marc Pauly & Center for the Study of Language and Information S.) - 2000 - Center for the Study of Language and Information Publications.
    The papers collected in this volume exemplify some of the trends in current approaches to logic, language and computation. Written by authors with varied academic backgrounds, the contributions are intended for an interdisciplinary audience. The first part of this volume addresses issues relevant for multi-agent systems: reasoning with incomplete information, reasoning about knowledge and beliefs, and reasoning about games. Proofs as formal objects form the subject of Part II. Topics covered include: contributions on logical frameworks, linear logic, and different approaches (...)
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  3. 782 ACKNOWLEDGMENT Veneeta Dayal Regine Eckardt Paul Elbourne.Martina Faller, Hana Filip, Nissim Francez, Angela Friederici, Marc Gawron, Bart Geurts, Anastasia Giannakidou, Jonathan Ginzburg, Paul Gochet & D. Graff - 2003 - Linguistics and Philosophy 26:781-782.
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  4. 802 ACKNOWLEDGMENT Aaron Broadwell Miriam Butt Alex Byrne.Greg Carlson, Lisa Cheng, Gennaro Chierchia, Östen Dahl, Mary Dalrymple, Veneeta Dayal, Paul Dekker, Josh Dever, Markus Egg & Martina Faller - 2002 - Linguistics and Philosophy 25:801-802.