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    Discourse grammar and verb phrase anaphora.Hub Prüst, Remko Scha & Martin Van Den Berg - 1994 - Linguistics and Philosophy 17 (3):261-327.
    We argue that an adequate treatment of verb phrase anaphora must depart in two major respects from the standard approaches. First of all, VP anaphors cannot be resolved by simply identifying the anaphoric VP with an antecedent VP. The resolution process must establish a syntactic/semantic parallelism between larger units that the VPs occur in. Secondly, discourse structure has a significant influence on the reference possibilities of VPA. This influence must be accounted for. We propose a treatment which meets these requirements. (...)
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    The whole is equal to the sum of its parts: A probabilistic model of grouping by proximity and similarity in regular patterns.Michael Kubovy & Martin van den Berg - 2008 - Psychological Review 115 (1):131-154.
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  3. A discourse perspective on verb phrase anaphora.Hub Prust, Remko Scha & Martin van den Berg - 1994 - Linguistics and Philosophy 17 (3):261-327.
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    Discourse structure and sentential information structure. An initial proposal.Livia Polanyi, Martin van den Berg & David Ahn - 2003 - Journal of Logic, Language and Information 12 (3):337-350.
    In this article we argue that discourse structure constrains the set ofpossible constituents in a discourse that can provide the relevantcontext for structuring information in a target sentence, whileinformation structure critically constrains discourse structureambiguity. For the speaker, the discourse structure provides a set of possible contexts for continuation while information structure assignment is independent of discourse structure. For the hearer, the information structure of a sentence together with discourse structure instructs dynamic semantics how rhematic information should be used to update (...)
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