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Martin F. Gardiner [3]Martin Frederick Gardiner [2]
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    Responses to Music: Emotional Signaling, and Learning.Martin F. Gardiner - 2008 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 31 (5):580-581.
    In the target article, Juslin & Vll (J&V) contend that neural mechanisms not unique to music are critical to its capability to convey emotion. The work reviewed here provides a broader context for this proposal. Human abilities to signal emotion through sound could have been essential to human evolution, and may have contributed vital foundations for music. Future learning experiments are needed to further clarify engagement underlying musical and broader emotional signaling.
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    Music Training, Engagement with Sequence, and the Development of the Natural Number Concept in Young Learners.Martin F. Gardiner - 2008 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 31 (6):652-653.
    Studies by Gardiner and colleagues connecting musical pitch and arithmetic learning support Rips et al.'s proposal that natural number concepts are constructed on a base of innate abilities. Our evidence suggests that innate ability concerning sequence ( or BSC) is fundamental. Mathematical engagement relating number to BSC does not develop automatically, but, rather, should be encouraged through teaching.
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    Emotional Participation in Musical and Non-Musical Behaviors.Martin Frederick Gardiner - 2012 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 35 (3):149-150.
    Existence of similarities of overall brain activation, specifically during emotional and other common psychological operations (discussed by Lindquist et al.), supports a proposal that emotion participates continuously in dynamic adjustment of behavior. The proposed participation can clarify the relationship of emotion to musical experience. Music, in turn, can help explore such participation.
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    Integration of Cognition and Emotion in Physical and Mental Actions in Musical and Other Behaviors.Martin Frederick Gardiner - 2015 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 38.
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    Human Evolution of Gestural Messaging and its Critical Role in the Human Development of Music.Martin F. Gardiner - 2021 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 44.
    By fostering bonding, music illustrates marvelously its ability to induce emotional experience. But, music can induce emotion more generally as well. To help explain how music fosters bonding and induces other emotions, I propose that music derives this power from the evolution of what I term “gestural messaging.”.
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