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Martijn Wallage
Universität Leipzig
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    Charles Travis on Truth and Perception.Martijn Wallage - 2020 - Canadian Journal of Philosophy 50 (7):878-889.
    Charles Travis has developed a distinction between “the historical” and “the conceptual”, which underlies his influential contributions to the philosophy of language and perception. The distinction is based on the observation that there are, for any thought, indefinitely many different circumstances that would render it true. The generality of thoughts and concepts contrasts with the particularity of the sensible world. I challenge the assumption that what exhibits such generality cannot belong to the sensible world. I also defend a version of (...)
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    Living in the Present.Martijn Wallage - 2020 - Philosophy 95 (3):285-307.
    This essay examines two conceptions of the ancient ideal of ‘living in the present’, one that may be called ‘Platonic’, suggested by a remark of Ludwig Wittgenstein, and one that may be called ‘Stoic’, developed by Pierre Hadot. On both conceptions, a life lived and considered in the right way is complete in the present, so that nothing is wanting. I introduce a problem concerning the coherence of this concept: Life involves movement, and movement is aimed at some completion in (...)
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    Imagination and Calculus: Wittgenstein’s Later Theory of Meaning by Hans Julius Schneider.Martijn Wallage - 2015 - Nordic Wittgenstein Review 4 (1):246-248.
    Review of Hans Julius Schneider: Wittgenstein's Later Theory of Meaning: Imagination and Calculation, Oxford: Wiley Blackwell 2014. Translated from German by Timothy Doyle and Daniel Smyth.
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