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  1. Immanuel Kant.Otfried Höffe & Marshall Farrier - 1983 - Revue de Métaphysique et de Morale 101 (1):130-131.
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    Immanuel Kant.Otfried Höffe & Marshall Farrier - 1994 - State University of New York Press.
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    Immanuel Kant.Marshall Farrier (ed.) - 1994 - State University of New York Press.
    In this book, Hoffe gives a clear, understandable description of Kant's philosophical development and influence, and he sets forth Kant's main ideas from the Critique of Pure Reason and the ethics to the philosophy of law, history, religion, and art. In his critical treatment, Hoffe shows why Kant's philosophy continues to be relevant and challenging to us today.
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    Recent Books on Kant: Kant's Theory of Imagination; Kant and the Experience of Freedom; Aesthetic Judgement and the Moral Image of the World; Dignity and Practical Reason; Immanuel Kant; Kant's Compatibilism; Kant's Transcendental Psychology; The Unity of Reason; Kant's Theory of Justice. [REVIEW]Graham Bird, Sarah Gibbons, Paul Guyer, Dieter Henrich, Thomas E. Hill, Otfried Höffe, Marshall Farrier, Hud Hudson, Patricia Kitcher, Susan Neiman, Allen D. Rosen & John H. Zammito - 1996 - Philosophical Quarterly 46 (183):226.