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  1. Bernard Williams.Mark P. Jenkins - 2006 - Routledge.
    From his earliest work on personal identity to his last on the value of truthfulness, the ideas and arguments of Bernard Williams - in the metaphysics of personhood, in the history of philosophy, but especially in ethics and moral psychology - have proved sometimes controversial, often influential, and always worth studying. This book provides a comprehensive account of Williams's many significant contributions to contemporary philosophy. Topics include personal identity, various critiques of moral theory, practical reasoning and moral motivation, truth and (...)
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    Williams, Nietzsche, and Pessimism.Mark P. Jenkins - 2012 - Journal of Nietzsche Studies 43 (2):316-325.
    This article extends recent efforts to investigate Nietzsche through the lens of Bernard Williams and Williams through the lens of Nietzsche by focusing on their respective conceptions of, and attitudes toward, pessimism. Specifically, the article investigates whether Williams should be regarded as endorsing or manifesting tragic or Dionysian forms of pessimism, which Nietzsche valorizes under the term “pessimism of strength,” or whether he is better associated with the Schopenhauerian or romantic pessimism, or even the Socratic optimism, that Nietzsche rejects. The (...)
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    Nietzsche on Freedom and Autonomy (Review).Mark P. Jenkins - 2008 - Journal of Nietzsche Studies 40 (1):85-90.
  4. The Reflectively Anxious and Depressed : Psychotropics and Lives Worth Living.Mark P. Jenkins - 2008 - In James Phillips (ed.), Philosophical Perspectives on Technology and Psychiatry. Oxford University Press.
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    Book Notes. [REVIEW]by Scott A. Anderson, Jeremy D. Bendik‐Keymer, Samuel Black, Chad M. Cyrenne, Bart Gruzalski, Mark P. Jenkins, John Morrow, Michael A. Neblo, Tommie Shelby & James Stacey Taylor - 2002 - Ethics 112 (2):421-427.
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    Nietzsche and Morality (Review).Mark P. Jenkins - 2008 - Journal of Nietzsche Studies 35 (1):155-161.
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