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    Sensory exploitation: Underestimated in the evolution of art as once in sexual selection theory?Jan Verpooten & Mark Nelissen - unknown
    In this paper we argue that sensory exploitation, a model from sexual selection theory, deserves more attention in evolutionary thinking about art than it has up until now. We base our argument on the observation that in the past sensory exploitation may have been underestimated in sexual selection theory but that it is now winning field. Likewise, we expect sensory exploitation can play a more substantial role in modeling the evolution of art behavior. Darwin's theory of sexual selection provides a (...)
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    A ‘gendered need’ explanation does not fully explain lineage based differences in grandparental investment found in a large british cohort study.Thomas V. Pollet, Mark Nelissen & Daniel Nettle - 2012 - Journal of Biosocial Science 44 (3):377-381.
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    Celebrities: From Teachers to Friends. [REVIEW]Charlotte J. S. De Backer, Mark Nelissen, Patrick Vyncke, Johan Braeckman & Francis T. McAndrew - 2007 - Human Nature 18 (4):334-354.
    In this paper we present two compatible hypotheses to explain interest in celebrity gossip. The Learning Hypothesis explains interest in celebrity gossip as a by-product of an evolved mechanism useful for acquiring fitness-relevant survival information. The Parasocial Hypothesis sees celebrity gossip as a diversion of this mechanism, which leads individuals to misperceive celebrities as people who are part of their social network. Using two preliminary studies, we tested our predictions. In a survey with 838 respondents and in-depth interviews with 103 (...)
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