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Mark J. Thomas
Central College
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    Schelling, Heidegger, and the Ambivalence of Will.Mark J. Thomas - 2021 - Research in Phenomenology 51 (2):313-323.
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    Gadamer and the Hermeneutics of Early Music Performance.Mark J. Thomas - 2018 - Research in Phenomenology 48 (3):365-384.
    The success of the early music movement raises questions about performing historical works: Should musicians perform on period instruments and try to reconstruct the original style? If a historically “authentic” performance is impossible or undesirable, what should be the goal of the early music movement? I turn to Gadamer to answer these questions by constructing the outlines of a hermeneutics of early music performance. In the first half of the paper, I examine Gadamer’s critique of historical reconstruction and argue that (...)
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  3. Ethics and Technoculture.Mark J. Thomas - 1989 - Upa.
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    Alexander Schnell’s Project for a Constructive Phenomenology.Mark J. Thomas - 2015 - Research in Phenomenology 45 (3):441-449.
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    In Search of Ground: Schelling on God, Freedom, and the Existence of Evil.Mark J. Thomas - 2009 - Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association 83:99-111.
    This paper is a reading of Schelling’s 1809 treatise Of Human Freedom in light of its relationship to the question why? and the principle of sufficient reason.This “principle of ground” defines the limits of rational inquiry and poses substantial difficulties for the three central themes of Schelling’s text: God, freedom,and the reality of evil. God and freedom go beyond the principle by requiring an absolute beginning—a ground that is not itself grounded. Evil defies rationalexplanation, deriving its existence from a specifically (...)
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    Reason in Context.Mark J. Thomas - 2009 - Proceedings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association 83:99-111.