1. Placebo Use in Clinical Practice: Report of the American Medical Association Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs.Nathan A. Bostick, Robert Sade, Mark A. Levine & D. M. Stewart - 2008 - Journal of Clinical Ethics 19 (1):58.
  2.  96
    Improving Access to Health Care: A Consensus Ethical Framework to Guide Proposals for Reform.Mark A. Levine, Matthew K. Wynia, Paul M. Schyve, J. Russell Teagarden, David A. Fleming, Sharon King Donohue, Ron J. Anderson, James Sabin & Ezekiel J. Emanuel - 2007 - Hastings Center Report 37 (5):14-19.
  3. Pertinent Today: What Contemporary Lessons Should Be Taught by Studying Physician Participation in the Holocaust?Mark A. Levine, Matthew K. Wynia, Meleah Himber & William S. Silvers - 2019 - Conatus 4 (2):287.
    The participation of physicians in the atrocities of the Holocaust exposed vulnerabilities in medicine’s moral commitment to patients’ best interests that every health professional should recognize. Teaching about this history is challenging, as it is extremely complex and there are no common standards for what basic historical facts students in health professions training programs should learn. Nor is there guidance on how these historical facts can or should be related to contemporary ethical issues facing health professionals. To address these problems, (...)
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