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    Role of the Cingulate Cortex in Dyskinesias-Reduced-Self-Awareness: An fMRI Study on Parkinson’s Disease Patients.Sara Palermo, Leonardo Lopiano, Rosalba Morese, Maurizio Zibetti, Alberto Romagnolo, Mario Stanziano, Mario Giorgio Rizzone, Giuliano Carlo Geminiani, Maria Consuelo Valentini & Martina Amanzio - 2018 - Frontiers in Psychology 9.
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    Reduced Self-Awareness Following a Combined Polar and Paramedian Bilateral Thalamic Infarction. A Possible Relationship With SARS-CoV-2 Risk of Contagion?Massimo Bartoli, Sara Palermo, Mario Stanziano, Giuseppina E. Cipriani, Daniela Leotta, Maria C. Valentini & Martina Amanzio - 2020 - Frontiers in Psychology 11.
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    Corrigendum: Commentary: Metacognition and Perspective-Taking in Alzheimer's Disease: A Mini-Review.Rosalba Morese, Mario Stanziano & Sara Palermo - 2020 - Frontiers in Psychology 11.
  4. Reaching across the abyss: recent advances in functional magnetic resonance imaging and their potential relevance to disorders of consciousness.Athena Demertzi & Mario Stanziano - unknown
    Disorders of consciousness (DOC) raise profound scientific, clinical, ethical, and philosophical issues. Growing knowledge on fundamental principles of brain organization in healthy individuals offers new opportunities for a better understanding of residual brain function in DOCs. We here discuss new perspectives derived from a recently proposed scheme of brain organization underlying consciousness in healthy individuals. In this scheme, thalamo-cortical networks can be divided into two, often antagonistic, global systems: (i) a system of externally oriented, sensory-motor networks (the ‘‘extrinsic’’ system); and (...)
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