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    Contextualizing Corporate Political Responsibilities: Neoliberal CSR in Historical Perspective.Marie-Laure Djelic & Helen Etchanchu - 2017 - Journal of Business Ethics 142 (4):641-661.
    This article provides a historical contextualization of Corporate Social Responsibility and its political role. CSR, we propose, is one form of business–society interactions reflecting a unique ideological framing. To make that argument, we compare contemporary CSR with two historical ideal-types. We explore in turn paternalism in nineteenth century Europe and managerial trusteeship in early twentieth century US. We outline how the political responsibilities of business were constructed, negotiated, and practiced in both cases. This historical contextualization shows that the frontier between (...)
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    Overcoming Path Dependency: Path Generation in Open Systems. [REVIEW]Marie-Laure Djelic & Sigrid Quack - 2007 - Theory and Society 36 (2):161-186.
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    Old Wine in New Bottles? Parentalism, Power, and Its Legitimacy in Business–Society Relations.Helen Etchanchu & Marie-Laure Djelic - 2018 - Journal of Business Ethics 160 (4):893-911.
    This article proposes a theoretical re-conceptualization of power dynamics and their legitimation in contemporary business–society relations using the prism and metaphor of parentalism. The paper develops a typology of forms of parentalism along two structuring dimensions: care and control. Specifically, four ideal-types of parentalism are introduced with their associated practices and power-legitimation mechanisms. As we consider current private governance and authority through this analytical framework, we are able to provide a new perspective on the nature of the moral legitimation of (...)
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    Limited Liability and its Moral Hazard Implications: The Systemic Inscription of Instability in Contemporary Capitalism. [REVIEW]Marie-Laure Djelic & Joel Bothello - 2013 - Theory and Society 42 (6):589-615.