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  1. The Stories of Logic and Information.Johan van Benthem, Maricarmen Martinez, David Israel & John Perry - unknown
    Information is a notion of wide use and great intuitive appeal, and hence, not surprisingly, different formal paradigms claim part of it, from Shannon channel theory to Kolmogorov complexity. Information is also a widely used term in logic, but a similar diversity repeats itself: there are several competing logical accounts of this notion, ranging from semantic to syntactic. In this chapter, we will discuss three major logical accounts of information.
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    Some closure properties of finite definitions.Maricarmen Martinez - 2001 - Studia Logica 68 (1):43-68.
    There is no known syntactic characterization of the class of finite definitions in terms of a set of basic definitions and a set of basic operators under which the class is closed. Furthermore, it is known that the basic propositional operators do not preserve finiteness. In this paper I survey these problems and explore operators that do preserve finiteness. I also show that every definition that uses only unary predicate symbols and equality is bound to be finite.
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  3. Collective Discovery Events: Web-based Mathematical Problem-solving with Codelets.Ioannis M. Vandoulakis, Harry Foundalis, Maricarmen Martínez & Petros Stefaneas - 2014 - In Tarek R. Besold, Marco Schorlemmer & Alan Smaill (eds.), Computational Creativity Research: Towards Creative Machines. Springer, Atlantis Thinking Machines (Book 7), Atlantis. pp. 371-392.
    While collaboration has always played an important role in many cases of discovery and creation, recent developments such as the web facilitate and encourage collaboration at scales never seen before, even in areas such as mathematics, where contributions by single individuals have historically been the norm. This new scenario poses a challenge at the theoretical level, as it brings out the importance of various issues which, as of yet, have not been sufficiently central to the study of problem-solving, discovery, and (...)
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    25th Workshop on Logic, Language, Information and Computation.Lawrence Moss, Maricarmen Martinez, Xavier Caicedo & Ruy de Queiroz - 2019 - Logic Journal of the IGPL 27 (5):766-776.
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