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    Raz's The Morality of Freedom: Two Models of Authority.Margaret Martin - 2010 - Jurisprudence 1 (1):63-84.
    Seventeenth century philosophers were pre-occupied with the justification for the use of coercion; the nature and scope of the citizen's duty to obey the law was a central concern. The typical philosophical accounts which attempt to articulate the conditions under which a citizen has an obligation to obey the law tend to fall into two camps: those that ground the obligation to obey the law in consent, and those that ground it in benefits received, or possibly a combination of both. (...)
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  2. International Criminal Law : Between Utopian Dreams and Political Realities.Margaret Martin - 2012 - In François Tanguay-Renaud & James Stribopoulos (eds.), Rethinking Criminal Law Theory: New Canadian Perspectives in the Philosophy of Domestic, Transnational, and International Criminal Law. Hart Publishing.
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    Some South African Rhodophyceae. II.Helminthora Furcellata, Comb. Nov.Margaret T. Martin & M. A. Pocock - 1947 - Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa 31 (4):371-379.
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    Reflections on Punishment From a Global Perspective: An Exploration of Chehtman’s The Philosophical Foundations of Extraterritorial Punishment.Margaret Martin - 2014 - Criminal Law and Philosophy 8 (3):693-712.
    In this review essay, I offer reflections on three themes. I begin by exploring Alejandro Chehtman’s expressed methodological commitments. I argue that his views move him closer to Lon Fuller and away from the thin accounts offered by HLA Hart and Joseph Raz. Moreover, to make sense of his views, he must offer a more normatively robust theory of law. Second, I turn to his use of Raz’s theory of authority. I argue that Chehtman fails to distinguish between Raz’s views (...)
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    Retrieval Strategy in Dichotic Listening as a Function of Presentation Rate and Structure of Material.Aubrey J. Yates, Margaret Martin & Vincent Di Lollo - 1970 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 86 (1):26.
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    Cane , Peter , Ed. The Hart-Fuller Debate in the Twenty-First Century Oxford, OR: Hart, 2010. Pp. 360. $75.00 (Cloth).Margaret Martin - 2012 - Ethics 122 (4):801-806.