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    EMG patterns during assisted walking in the exoskeleton.Francesca Sylos-Labini, Valentina La Scaleia, Andrea D'Avella, Iolanda Pisotta, Federica Tamburella, Giorgio Scivoletto, Marco Molinari, Shiqian Wang, Letian Wang, Edwin van Asseldonk, Herman van der Kooij, Thomas Hoellinger, Guy Cheron, Freygardur Thorsteinsson, Michel Ilzkovitz, Jeremi Gancet, Ralf Hauffe, Frank Zanov, Francesco Lacquaniti & Yuri P. Ivanenko - 2014 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
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    Somatosensory inputs by application of KinesioTaping: effects on spasticity, balance, and gait in chronic spinal cord injury.Federica Tamburella, Giorgio Scivoletto & Marco Molinari - 2014 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
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    Who is going to walk? A review of the factors influencing walking recovery after spinal cord injury.Giorgio Scivoletto, Federica Tamburella, Letizia Laurenza, Monica Torre & Marco Molinari - 2014 - Frontiers in Human Neuroscience 8.
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    Is sequence-in/sequence-out a cerebellar mode of operation in cognition too?Marco Molinari & Laura Petrosini - 1997 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 20 (2):259-260.
    This commentary reinterprets our recent data on the cerebellar contribution to different cognitive functions in light of Braitenberg and coworkers's hypothesis about the sequence-in/sequence-out cerebellar mode of operation in the motor domain. Cerebellar involvement in spatial data processing, procedural learning, verbal fluency, application of grammatical rules, and writing is dependent on sequence processing.
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