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    Democratic republicanism. Historical reflections on the idea of republic in the 18th century.Manuela Albertone - 2007 - History of European Ideas 33 (1):108-130.
    In the current debate on republicanism the relationship between republicanism and democracy is an aspect whose historical dimension has thus far hardly been investigated. It offers instead also the chance to clear up ambiguities on the opposition between republicanism and liberalism. In this sense, recent research on the radical Enlightenment, on the link between economics and politics, by a new reading of physiocracy as political discourse, and on the foundations of political representation represent some of the most important advances made (...)
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    Physiocracy in the eighteenth-century America. Economic theory and political weapons.Manuela Albertone - 2021 - History of European Ideas 47 (1):97-118.
    ABSTRACT This essay aims at reconsidering the impact of Physiocratic ideas on the United States context during and after the American Revolution, which represented the first turning point concerning the democratic implications of political economy. In the confrontation in the 1790s between Jefferson’s Republicans and Hamilton’s Federalists the early scientific analysis of economics, grounded in the central role of agriculture formulated by Physiocracy, gave strong theoretical validation of the agrarian democracy ideology as an alternative to the British model and contributed (...)
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    The French moment of the American national identity. St. John de Crèvecoeur's agrarian myth.Manuela Albertone - 2006 - History of European Ideas 32 (1):28-57.
    The aim of this essay is to return to the genesis of the American agrarian myth in the eighteenth century, as a path to investigate the origins of the American national identity. This will be done by means of a comprehensive reassessment of St. John de Crèvecoeur, the Norman noble whose name is bound to the success of Letters from an American Farmer. His work contains the origins of the agrarian ideal as a peculiarly American phenomenon, prior to independence and (...)
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    The idea of Europe in the eighteenth century in history and historiography.Manuela Albertone - 2008 - History of European Ideas 34 (4):349-352.
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    Réflexions et notes sur l'éducation.Jean-Antoine-Nicolas de Caritat Condorcet & Manuela Albertone - 1983 - Napoli: Bibliopolis.
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    Historical reflections upon commerce, political economy and revolution in the eighteenth-century Atlantic World. [REVIEW]Manuela Albertone - 2011 - History of European Ideas 37 (4):506-510.