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    “What’s that?” “What Went Wrong?” Positive and Negative Surprise and the Rostral–Ventral to Caudal–Dorsal Functional Gradient in the Brain.Mattie Tops & Maarten A. S. Boksem - 2012 - Frontiers in Psychology 3.
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    Integration of negative experiences: A neuropsychological framework for human resilience.Markus Quirin, Martha Kent, Maarten A. S. Boksem & Mattie Tops - 2015 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 38.
    We propose that the fundamental mechanism underlying resilience is the integration of novel or negative experiences into internal schemata. This process requires a switch from reactive to predictive control modes, from the brain's salience network to the default mode network. Reappraisal, among other mechanisms, is suggested to facilitate this process.
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  3. A role of serotonin and the insula in vigor: Tracking environmental and physiological resources.Mattie Tops, Maarten A. S. Boksem, Jesus Montero-Marin & Dimitri van der Linden - 2021 - Behavioral and Brain Sciences 44:e136.
    We describe a neural monitor of environmental and physiological resources that informs effort expenditure. Depending on resources and environmental stability, serotonergic and dopaminergic neuromodulations favor different behavioral controls that are organized in corticostriatal loops. This broader perspective produces some suggestions and questions that may not be covered by the foraging approach to vigor of Shadmehr and Ahmed (2020).
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