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    Intentions in Communication.Philip R. Cohen, Jerry Morgan & Martha E. Pollack - 1992 - Philosophical Quarterly 42 (167):245.
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    The uses of plans.Martha E. Pollack - 1992 - Artificial Intelligence 57 (1):43-68.
  3. Intentions in Communication.Philip R. Cohen Jerry Morgan & Martha Pollack (eds.) - 1990 - MIT Press.
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    Overloading intentions for efficient practical reasoning.Martha E. Pollack - 1991 - Noûs 25 (4):513-536.
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    Cutting Eugenics Out of CRISPR-Cas9.Carolyn Brokowski, Marya Pollack & Robert Pollack - 2015 - Ethics in Biology, Engineering and Medicine 6 (3-4):263-279.
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    Evaluating new options in the context of existing plans.John F. Horty & Martha E. Pollack - unknown - Artificial Intelligence 127 (2):199-220.
    This paper contributes to the foundations of a theory of rational choice for artificial agents in dynamic environments. Our work is developed within a theoretical framework, originally due to Bratman, that models resource-bounded agents as operating against the background of some current set of intentions, which helps to frame their subsequent reasoning. In contrast to the standard theory of rational choice, where options are evaluated in isolation, we therefore provide an analysis of situations in which the options presented to an (...)
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    Implicit speech: Mechanism in perceptual encoding?Charles W. Eriksen, Martin D. Pollack & William E. Montague - 1970 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 84 (3):502.
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    Efficient solution techniques for disjunctive temporal reasoning problems.Ioannis Tsamardinos & Martha E. Pollack - 2003 - Artificial Intelligence 151 (1-2):43-89.
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    Incremental interpretation.Fernando C. N. Pereira & Martha E. Pollack - 1991 - Artificial Intelligence 50 (1):37-82.
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    Improving Patient Outcomes Following Total Knee Arthroplasty: Identifying Rehabilitation Pathways Based on Modifiable Psychological Risk and Resilience Factors.Elizabeth Ditton, Sarah Johnson, Nicolette Hodyl, Traci Flynn, Michael Pollack, Karen Ribbons, Frederick Rohan Walker & Michael Nilsson - 2020 - Frontiers in Psychology 11.
    Total knee arthroplasty (TKA) is a commonly implemented elective surgical treatment for end-stage osteoarthritis of the knee, demonstrating high success rates when assessed by objective medical outcomes. However, a considerable proportion of TKA patients report significant dissatisfaction postoperatively, related to enduring pain, functional limitations, and diminished quality of life. In this conceptual analysis, we highlight the importance of assessing patient-centred outcomes routinely in clinical practice, as these measures provide important information regarding whether surgery and postoperative rehabilitation interventions have effectively remediated (...)
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    Effects of visual, vestibular, and somatosensori-motor deficit on autokinetic perception.W. S. Battersby, R. L. Kahn, M. Pollack & M. B. Bender - 1956 - Journal of Experimental Psychology 52 (6):398.
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    Gender Mainstreaming and Global Governance.Emilie Hafner-Burton & Mark A. Pollack - 2002 - Feminist Legal Studies 10 (3):285-298.
    This article seeks to explain the variable implementation of gender mainstreaming as a `policy frame' over time and across various international organisations (I.O.s). In the years since the U.N. Fourth World Women's Conference in Beijing (1995),mainstreaming has been endorsed and adopted by a wide range of international organisations, and we compare the adoption and implementation of mainstreaming in four specific I.O.s: the World Bank, the United Nations Development Programme, the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe, and the European Union. (...)
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  13. L'esprit autrichien (à propos de William M. Johnston: "L'esprit viennois).M. Pollack - 1988 - Revue Philosophique de la France Et de l'Etranger 1:67-73.
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    Surrogate Decision Makers and Respect: Commentary on “The Many Faces of Autonomy”.Murray M. Pollack - 1992 - Journal of Clinical Ethics 3 (4):303-304.
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    Book reviews. [REVIEW]Graeme Forbes, WilliamG Lycan, MarthaE Pollack & DouglasE Appelt - 1992 - Minds and Machines 2 (1).