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Mary Beth Willard
Weber State University
  1. Against simplicity.M. B. Willard - 2014 - Philosophical Studies 167 (1):165-181.
    Sometimes metaphysicians appeal to simplicity as a reason to prefer one metaphysical theory to another, especially when a philosophical dispute has otherwise reached a state of equilibrium. In this paper, I show that given a Quinean conception of metaphysics, several initially plausible justifications for simplicity as a metaphysical criterion do not succeed. If philosophers wish to preserve simplicity as a metaphysical criterion, therefore, they must radically reconceive the project of metaphysics.
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  2. Game called on account of fog: metametaphysics and epistemic dismissivism.M. B. Willard - 2013 - Philosophical Studies 164 (1):1-14.
    Is arguing over ontology a mistake? A recent proposal by Karen Bennett suggests that some metaphysical disputes, such as those over constitution and composition, can be dismissed on epistemic grounds. Given that both sides in a dispute try to minimize the differences between them, there are no good metaphysical grounds for choosing between them. In this paper, I expand on her epistemic dismissivism, arguing that given the Quinean conception of the task and method of metaphysics, we are warranted in believing (...)
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    Seeing Fictions in Film: The Epistemology of Movies By GEORGE M. WILSON. [REVIEW]M. B. Willard - 2014 - Analysis 74 (4):743-745.
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